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What type of camera were these photographs taken with?

Current (2004) photos on this site were taken with a Canon Digital Rebel. Older photos were taken using a Nikon Coolpix 5700. Both these cameras feature advanced 5+ megapixel sensors that can effectively deliver photo-quality prints at sizes over 11" x 14".

I tried to print one of the photos but did not get the quality indicated. Why?

The images displayed on this site are scaled down versions of the original photographs. Printing them will not produce anywhere near the quality of an original print.

How can I obtain larger versions of the photographs on this site?

Please use the contact form for more information on obtaining digital or printed versions of these photographs.

Can I save these images for my own personal use?

Yes. All images shown on this site may be freely downloaded for your personal, non-commercial use, provided the images are not altered in any way that removes or obscures the watermark.

Can I use these images on my website?

Please use the contact form to request permission to use these photos on your site.

Please include the name of the site on which you intend to use the images, and intended use (commercial or otherwise) of the images.

About Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

Uh, where did you say Trinidad was?

Located at 10º 30′N latitude, and 61º 30′W longitude, Trinidad is the most southerly island in the Caribbean Sea, lying just 11km (6.8 miles) east of the South American country of Venezuela. Its smaller sister isle, Tobago is situated approximately 32km (19.9 miles) northeast of Trinidad, roughly on the 11º latitude line.

Together the two islands form the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T for short). Though referred to as the twin-island republic, the two islands are in fact vastly different in size and composition. Trinidad, the larger is 4828 sq. km (1864 sq. miles) in size, and well-developed with large reserves of oil and natural gas being the mainstay of the economy. Tobago, on the other hand, is the perfect idyllic Caribbean paradise. Just 300 sq. km. (116 sq. miles) in size, the island is a combination of tropical rainforest on the interior, and beautiful beaches and coral reefs along the coasts.

And when did you say this Carnival was?

The two major days of Carnival - Carnival Monday and Tuesday - are the two days before Ash Wednesday on the Christian religious calendar. The word “Carnival” derives from the Latin words “carne vale”, meaning “farewell to the flesh”, after the Lenten practice of abstinence.

These are the dates set for Carnival from 2009 to 2020 (plan early!):

However the modern-day Carnival Season starts almost immediately after the beginning of the New Year, with fetes (large, raucous, usually open-air parties) increasing in frequency and intensity as Carnival draws closer.

I'm hooked! How can I get on the next plane to Trinidad?

Contact your travel agent, direct flights are available from several American and European cities including Miami, New York and London. And visit T&T's tourism organisation, TIDCO for more information.